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Liturgical Music

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Liturgical Music

The Cathedral music program’s primary focus is to support the assembly at worship in the singing of the hymns and responses, and to lift their hearts and minds through the music of the Church.

Similar to the rich cultural diversity apparent throughout Oakland, the Cathedral of Christ the Light is also home to an ethnically diverse community with a variety of music groups supporting the assembly in song

  • The Vietnamese Choir supports the singing at the Vietnamese Mass on Sundays at 8:00 am. (No audition is required for this group)
  • The Parish/Filipino Choir supports music for the Mass at 12:00 pm on Sundays, with several music selections in Tagalog, celebrating our vibrant Filipino community here at the Cathedral. (No audition is required for this group)
  • The Spanish Music Group supports our Latino brothers and sisters’ singing at the Spanish Mass on Sundays at 2:00 pm. (No audition is required for this group)


Exciting New Developments for Cathedral Music!

 The Cathedral of Christ the Light is establishing a choir-in-residence program with the Pacific Boychoir Academy. In addition to outreach through concerts and educational programs, establishing a relationship with this East Bay organization will enable the Cathedral to establish four new choirs!

The Cathedral Men's Schola

The Men's Schola consists of auditioned professional and volunteer singers, including alumni of the Pacific Boychoir Academny.  This group will form the foundation for two other choirs at the cathedral: The Cathedral Choir of Men & Boys and The Cathedral Camerata.

The Cathedral Choir of Men & Boys

The Cathedral Choir of Men & Boys sings occasionally on Sundays at the 10am Solemn Mass, and on various Holy Days and other liturgical celebrations such as Chrism Mass and Ordinations.

The boy sopranos are drawn from the Pacific Boychoir Academy.  For more information about the Pacific Boychoir Academy, please visit PacificBoyChoirAcademy.org

The Cathedral Camerata

The Cathedral Camerata is a semi-professional ensemble that combines the Men's Schola with women sopranos.  They sing occasionally at the Sunday 10:00 am Solemn Mass from September through June in addition to other liturgical celebrations throughout the year.

The St. Hildegard Schola

The St. Hildegard Schola is an ensemble of women and girls age ten and up.  They sing on Saturdays at the 5:30 pm Vigil Mass and for various other liturgical celebrations throughout the year.  Repertoire ranges from Gregorian chant to other great choral music for treble voices written through the centuries to current day.

  For information on how to audition for any of the choirs, please contact the Cathedral Director of Music:

Dr. Rudy de Vos


Cathedral Concerts:

For information about concerts taking place at the Cathedral, please visit the Concert & Events page or the Calendar.

Conroy Memorial Organ:

When it became clear several years ago that Oakland would become home to a great cathedral, Daniel Whalen and his wife, Katharine Conroy Whalen, thought again of her mother, Gerry Conroy. The Whalens soon made the decision to contribute to build a custom-made world-class pipe organ. Their gift to the Cathedral of Christ the Light funded the design, manufacture and installation of the Létourneau 92 ranks, four-manual, pedal organ with 5298 pipes.

The organ is used primarily in liturgy, as well as featured in concerts throughout the year.  The specification of the organ is available here.