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About the Clinic

About the Clinic

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Mission Statement

The Pope Francis Legal Clinic provides free legal consultations for people in the Diocese of Oakland and elsewhere to consult our legal experts about cases which are affecting their lives. Our experts are are imbued with the spirit of Christ and His Church, in the way they approach legal problems. It is the practice of the clinic to rely upon the theological tradition of the Roman Catholic Church, its virtues and divine mercy.


Vision Statement

The Pope Francis Legal Clinic functions as a place of mediation and reconciliation. Expert lawyers with outstanding legal training and experience are available to meet with people burdened with legal problems, who want reconciliation, and resolution. The counsel offered by this clinic involves more than mere strategic legal advice. It also addresses the very inclinations that may be at the root of on-going disputes and conflicts. Overall, the clinic is 90% legal advice and 10% hope, while serving as a lense to the modern world view, which is increasingly legalized.


Strategic Goals

  • Develop a culture of legal excellence based on the principles of practical wisdom imbued with mercy
  • Enhance relations between persons of the Diocese, their families, and neighbors
  • Enhance reliance and trust upon the Church by providing a place for meditation and reconciliation, in regards to issues which are not otherwise being addressed, through the support and wisdom of volunteer legal attorneys
  • Enhance the love of God through His Church and the Church's teachings of the natural law